Paris Hilton Lost Personal Camera, Internet Braces for Photo Leak

Jan 20th, 2009

Heiress Paris Hilton, lost her digital camera during a visit to Australia this past week. Hilton claims there were hundreds of personal photos on the device, which we can only assume will be sold on the black market or to some smut peddler. Don't worry Paris, you'll most likely see all your pictures again, posted all over the Internet, just like every other time you film something.

Paris Hilton has lost a camera filled with hundreds of personal photographs taken during her controversial Australian visit.

And the finder may be hawking the private happy snaps to the highest bidder.

Hilton misplaced the camera at the Bongo Virus party at Trademark nightclub in Sydney on New Year's Eve.

"She lost it in the chaos. It must have fallen out of her bag," Bongo Virus publicist Karen Griffin said.

"She is disappointed as it has her personal photos of her visit on it.

"They are happy snaps and there are also some pictures from her trip to the snow before she came to Australia.

"It is the camera she had with her when she was on Bondi Beach." (source)

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