Paris Hilton To Ruin Our Ears With Second Album

Sep 24th, 2009

Because making our ears bleed the first time around wasn't enough, word on the street is that Paris Hilton is recording her second album. Another 12 songs of agony and pain. Sure we don't have to listen, but is it our faults that we'll turn on the radio and be forced to?...

According to they caught up with Miss Paris and saw her heading to lessons with a vocal coach.

We caught Paris Hilton heading to lessons with a vocal coach today and then we heard this news ... Paris is brushing up on her singing skills, getting ready to record a second album!!!! A source close to Queen P tells exclusively:

"Paris is preparing for album #2. She's super excited about it and the stuff she's started working on sounds amazing! There is NO question she's going to have another hit off this album, just like 'Stars Are Blind' was from the first one." (source)

We already have to hear the girl attempt to speak, now we have another hours worth of pain and suffering to look forward to.

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