Paris Hilton Wants a Family, Baby

Mar 24th, 2009

The mere possibility of Paris Hilton conceiving a child and starting a family scares the crap out of me. It would mark a moment in history as the first time something has came out of her vagina. Someone call Guinness World Records. Here is Paris and boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, leaving Bar Deluxe in Hollywood and how her dress hasn't collapsed under all her self-esteem issues is still beyond me.

Paris, 28, said she is keeping her best dresses for daughters and has picked a room to be a nursery in her LA pad.

She has previously given up drinking and partying in an attempt to have a baby.

The blonde socialite is currently dating US TV hunk Doug Reinhardt, who stars in 'reality' show The Hills.

Whether or not she has mentioned her family plans to him or not, is anyone's guess... (source)

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