Paris Hilton Wants Kids, Soon

Oct 06th, 2008

Who would have thought, One Night in Paris, might actually result in Paris Hilton conceiving a child, soon! Paris Hilton wanting to have children means one of there things. The first being, she is desperate for more attention and the baby will serve as an upgrade from the Chihuahua. It could mean she has an inferiority complex and needs something around her to make herself look and feel better by comparison. Lastly, it could mean, the hotel heiress is finally maturing and wanting to take on greater responsibilities. We'll assume the former.

Even while sipping Grey Goose out at a club, Paris Hilton has babies on the brain.

"I definitely want three or four [children]," she told PEOPLE in Las Vegas Saturday night, while partying at Pure Nightclub for her sister's birthday.

As for a timeline? "Soon," she said. "Maybe a year or two." (source)

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