Paris Hilton Wants To Be Adolf Hitler

Jul 27th, 2010

In what is an obvious attempt to gain press, Paris Hilton was partying on a boat and decided to throw on a "Nazi" like hat, throw her finger under her nose like a mustache, and throw her hand up in a "Nazi" like salute...all while the paparazzi were watching.

But wait! Like her rep totttttally says that's not what Paris was doing! According to The Daily Mail:

But her spokesman told us: 'Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances like that and was scratching [her] face when a photo was taken.'

The statement continued: 'The hat was not a communist hat, it's a military style hat from a club. Half of her family is Jewish and many of her friends are as well.'

Yeah. Just like that wasn't her real vagina in her awful sex tape.

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