Paris Hilton Was Almost Murdered

Aug 25th, 2010

A crazed lunatic with knives tried breaking into Paris Hilton's Los Angeles home yesterday. Unfortunately, he wasn't successful---we kid about the unfortunately part. Funny enough, Paris made sure to take to her Twitter first to tweet about the encounter.

Here's what she tweeted:

"So Scary, just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my house holding 2 big knifes [sic]. Cops are here arresting him."

Law enforcement confirms the man in his 40s was arrested at the her home around 6:30 AM and hauled off to jail.

Radar says:

Hilton told us she was awakened by banging on the windows, and the dogs were barking loudly. Police confirmed to that a man in his 40s was being questioned in connection with the incident.

Paris Hilton told us exclusively, "What a scary sight to wake up to. I can't believe the knives he was carrying. Thank god the police arrived quickly."


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