Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Cy Waits Attacked While Heading To Court

Apr 29th, 2011

While heading into court to face her attacker, Paris Hilton's boyfriend, Cy Waits, was assaulted when an assailant lunged at him and grabbed him around the neck. Bodyguards immediately jumped on the attacker, James Rainford. Paris and Cy were headed inside to testify against an alleged stalker accused of trying to break into her Hollywood home last year carrying two large knives.

"That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house. So scary! :(" she later tweeted about the incident.
During the attack, Rainford reportedly yelled out that he knew Hilton and had permission from her father, Rick Hilton, to marry his 30-year-old daughter, witnesses told TMZ.
The website said Rainford was caught sneaking on to her property last October but was tackled by her private security team. He pleaded no contest to civil assault and was sentenced to three years probation over the trespassing incident.

Ah, the crazies out there.

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