Paula Abdul's Diva Demands Delaying 'X-Factor' & 'Star Search' Productions

May 10th, 2010

It's Paula Abdul's way or no way...or they could easily just move along and find some other chump to judge these shows. These shows I'm talking about are The X-Factor and Star Search. Who knew the American Idol judge known for not really judging at all is high in demand for these two productions?

Seems Abdul's reputation as quite the diva continues. Among her "needs" are very specific -- and pricey -- demands regarding office and dressing-room decoration and an insistence on a large entourage of publicists, hair stylists and makeup artists (available 24/7, even when not taping), plus a slew of other assistants.

"The added costs are scaring producers," said a source involved with the new "Star Search" concept.

Insiders at both shows also tell me Abdul had made "unrealistic" demands regarding a piece of ownership of the programs. On top of that, a source working on "The X-Factor" -- launching in fall 2011 on Fox -- claims Abdul's wardrobe allowance demands "would cost more than what most shows provide an entire cast, 'like on 'Desperate Housewives.'"

I'm not sure if I want to punch Paula or the producers. Something tells me that if this garbage is true, they'd move on and find someone else to do this crap. I could freakin' do it. It's not that hard and it's not like Paula is the end all be all of judging. Then again, they probably want ratings so people will tune in to see what kind of crack she's smoking.

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