Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson's Very Public Dramatic Fight

Aug 17th, 2009

Is divorce in the air for Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson? After this very public fight, we say it could be a possibility. Looks like Simpson better take her sister and get to AA stat because once the booze starts flowin', Ashlee's mouth follows suit.

After performing with his band earlier at the Blink 182 concert in Chicago on Saturday night, Wentz went to celebrate the one year anniversary of his bar, Angels & Kings. Multiple sources revealed to that Ashlee got incredibly hammered.

One of many eyewitnesses we spoke with tells us that Pete was in the DJ booth when Asslee "came up completely wasted and yells at him to leave. They fought, she told him he was horrible in front of a whole group of people and made him leave his own party early. So they make a scene and leave the bar."


What a way to emasculate your man!

Well, Simpson was BEYOND TRASHED. Once outside the bar, she fought with Wentz some more, and after she caught someone taking a picture of her stumbling out of Angels and Kings "she CHASED him down the street and made him erase the pictures." (source)

Looks like these two lovebirds need a vacation...away from each other. Pete should fly to the Bahamas while Ashlee gets her a$$ down to the nearest AA meeting.

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