'Pretty Wild Star' Alexis Neiers Talks About Lindsay Lohan's Jail Breakdown

Jul 28th, 2010

Thank God for Lindsay Lohan in jail. Every day there are new reports of her jail insanity. Famewhore and reality star, Alexis Neiers (most famous for her being part of 'The Bling Ring'---a group of kids who stole millions from the homes of Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, even Lindsay, etc) was released from the jail Lindsay is currently hanging in and spoke about the addict's time behind bars so far.

Neiers says that Lohan was understandably shaken when she was brought into Century Regional Correctional Facility last week.

"Crying. She was crying," Neiers exclusively tells E! News. "I could hear her. "

The first day, Neiers says, was the toughest for Lohan.

"I could start hearing like what was going on in there, I tried to just, really just keep to myself and the last thing I really want to hear, you know, when you're trying to be so strong and just get through the day. I mean, the days are so long in there, you're woken up at 5:30. She was crying. She was talking to deputies and, you know, just trying to—I couldn't really like make it out, but from what I saw the first day, I mean, she was lying in there and just trying to like calm down."

Her claim to fame---stealing from Lohan and talking about Lohan. Nice life.

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