Rachel Uchitel Can't Get An Apartment In NYC Because She's A Tramp

Sep 02nd, 2010

Money really can't buy you anything when that money comes from being a tramp. Such is the life for Rachel Uchitel who is desperately trying to land herself a three-bedroom, three-bath New York City Park Avenue condo listed at $1,995,000 and they're denying her because she's a homewrecker.

"Rachel made out really well from her affair with Tiger- thanks to lawyer Gloria Allred- but that doesn't mean she's considered respectable by the board," continued the insider. "Manhattan is famous for being ultra-selective when it comes to approving who buys apartments, and this luxury building is no different. They consider Rachel a homewrecker and money-grubber, and don't buy into the idea that she is a respectable celebrity."

"Rachel believes she made her money fair and square and should be able to buy whatever apartment she can afford," added the insider. "But the other homeowners feel she helped break up Tiger's marriage and profited from it, and she's not the type of person they want as a neighbor."

Sucks to be a ho.

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