Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Are Heating Up

Dec 30th, 2010

So perhaps the rumors of Rachel Weisz cheating on her soon to be ex hubby, Darren Aronofsky, with Daniel Craig are in fact true. Over the weekend, the actors were spotted in Somerset, England holding hands and looking like quite the couple.

[Weisz] was spotted holding hands with her sexy "Dream House" co-star over the Christmas weekend in Somerset, England. Photographs published in the British tabloid The News of the World appeared to confirm rumors of a burgeoning romance between the two actors.

A source close to Weisz told the Daily Mail she was "head over heels" for Craig.

"Rachel and Daniel simply sparked during the filming of 'Dream House' in Canada," the source said. "They have great chemistry."

Darren, a word of voice. Just get drunk this holiday season.

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