Rihanna And Mariah Carey's Halloween Cat Fight

Nov 06th, 2009

One of three things caused this fight between Mariah Carey and Rihanna: 1) Mariah caught Nick Cannon givin' Ri the eye 2) Mariah pines over Rihanna's youth 3) Rihanna was caught making fun of Mariah's old desperate a$$. You decide.

According to The New York Post:

Mariah Carey and Rihanna refused to talk or be photographed together at a Halloween bash. The dueling divas worked hard to upstage each other at Carey's party at M2 Ultralounge. A source said Rihanna, dressed as a tiger with a tail so long a security guard had to hold it up, partied with three female friends and rapper Ne-Yo in a booth and wouldn't cross the dance floor to pay her respects. Meanwhile Carey, in a corset and giant angel wings, stayed with hubby Nick Cannon in her VIP area. A spy said, "It was Mariah's party, but Rihanna didn't want to be seen with her. And Mariah was not going over to greet Rihanna. Mariah needed six guards to clear a path to the bathroom so her wings wouldn't be dislodged." (source)

We don't even have time to comment on this ridiculousness. Mariah just wanted to make sure home girl didn't touch her hot pockets and mini hot dog appetizers.

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Diana on 05/28/2010 @ 14:34

Mariah's really good in collecting the bitch award, she's made a lot of female enemies like Leona, Madonna, JLO, Christina, and now Rihanna? Geesh she's not that totally awesome real DIVA who's got that majestic snob and snare but still looked appealling, only Barbra, Patti LaBelle, Madonna and Aretha owns that stature, Mariah's a clown bitch who still thinks she shines like a real Diva. Hell Rihanna can kick her ass anytime!

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