Rihanna Denies $10K Bubbly From Jets Receiver, Braylon Edwards

Nov 12th, 2009

What a bruise to Jets receiver, Braylon Edwards ego. And what's up with every guy wanting to tap Rihanna like there's no tomorrow? Unlucky in love for Mr. Edwards who sent over a $10K bottle of champagne only to have it rejected by Miss Rihanna herself.

The New York Post claims that the nice guy wanted to impress the R&B songstress. Unfortunately Rihanna had no idea who he was and is the type of girl who doesn't accept things from strangers. Good parenting!

Rihanna doesn't take bubbly from strangers. While hanging out with a gaggle of assistants and singer James Blount at a party thrown by Vegas nightclub The Bank at Wonderland in LA, the songstress was sent a $10,000 bottle of Champagne by Jets receiver Braylon Edwards and a handful of his teammates, who were at a nearby table. But according to a partygoer, "She didn't know who they were, so she sent it back." (source)

Ouch. Sometimes it happens for NFL players, Edwards. Give it a few more years and you'll be able to snab someone just as annoying as Jessica Simpson---the Tony Romo way.

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Jester of the Apocalypse on 11/15/2009 @ 01:24

She probably knew he would eventually drop her, like he does most of his passes . . .

freetobejbp on 11/15/2009 @ 16:04

Of course all those guys be wanting to tap Rihanna's ass. Just look at it! That has to be the tightest stuff in Hollywood right now.

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