Rihanna to Break Her Silence, Chris Brown Fems Up for Sympathy Vote

Nov 03rd, 2009

The moment we have long awaited has finally arrived… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Rihanna will speak out to Diane Sawyer about her ass-whooping from world’s most hated woman beater, Chris Brown. Like any normal person, one thought probably came to mind: “What!? Bahbwa Waltuhs didn’t get the interview!?”

Let’s get real people. Whenever we’re promised an interview about anything even vaguely juicy about a celebrity, all we get is the big run around. “Next question.” “That’s my private life.” “Let’s talk about something else.” Even when we get a little something something of value from the celeb, it’s so vague you have to be a cryptologist to understand it. Did Britney really cheat on Justin? Did he cheat back? Be damned if we’ll ever know.

In response to Rihanna taking her side of the story to the public, Chris decided to come back with his own little publicity stunt: an incredibly feminine CD cover. Can you say, sympathy vote?

November 03rd, 2009 by Tags: Rihanna , Chris Brown, Diane Sawyer, 20/20, abuse
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