Rihanna's 'Paranoid' In New Kanye West Video

Jun 04th, 2009

Is this a slap in the face to Chris Brown? Although not featured in the song, Rihanna sure is featured in Kanye West's new video Paranoid. We'd be paranoid, too, if we had as much paparazzi on our behinds like she does.

Since this is Kanye and we know how Kanye's ego rolls--he was going for that 1930's Boris Karloff feel, but aside from Rihanna basically in next to nothing, he fell short. The whole features Rihanna doing crazy hand moments I guess proving her Paranoia while she aimlessly drives around in a car and images of this ridiculous werewolf shadow behind her.

By the way, clips of this video were leaked last week and Kanye went on MAC ATTACK with his CAPS LOCKED (surprise surprise) to show just how angry he was that his "art" was being shown incorrectly. God forbid us, Kanye. Pablo Picasso has nothing on you.

And if Janet Jackson wanted a quick 101 on how to wear nipple tape correctly, she should refer to this video. Check out the vid.

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