Russell Brand Turns Down Lindsay Lohan's Sex

Jul 13th, 2009

Nothing like a little public rejection to get Lindsay Lohan in a good mood! Especially when she got rejected by sex hound Russell Brand. You pretty much know you're not the cat's pajamas when THAT happens.

Positive that she could charm the pants off (literally) UK funny man, Lindsay was sadly disappointed when the actor gave her the N-O. Both reportedly were hanging out at Diddy's 4th of July White Party in Beverly Hills two weekends ago. Sources say the Mean Girl came on quite strongly to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star.

"Lindsay is a very good-looking girl and she is used to getting what she wants. Russell has been on her radar for a while now but he doesn’t want anything to do with her," said the source. "He finds her constant craving for attention and her heavy drinking a turn-off. It’s not like he is short of female attention anyway." (source)

Keep in mind Russell used to be quite the hard partier so I guess with keeping that in mind, once he dismissed Lohan he had no intention on revealing why he turned a trainwreck away. We assume the drapes match the curtains or however it goes. No love for the ginger trainwrecks.

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