Salma Hayek Wins 'Best Body' Award, Claims It's All An Act---Say Whaaa??!

Oct 26th, 2009

Salma Hayek should consider changing her name to Modest since this is what this story's all about. Home girl doesn't understand why she won the 'Best Body Award' from Fitness magazine, when it actuality she claims to have a bad body. Okay, saaay whaa? Did home girl ever watch herself in Desperado, From Dusk Til Dawn, or Frida?

If you ask us, Salma's body is literally the best in Hollywood. Amazing curves, boobs and butt, and a mom? MILF? CHECK!

When speaking with Parade magazine on her award win, Hayek said:

"I won a 'Best Body Award' from Fitness Magazine and I was too embarrassed to accept it. I actually don't have a good body, but if everybody thinks so, I guess it means I'm a good actress. I have acted the part of the girl who has a very good body. If you know how to dress, there's some tricks you can pull." (source)

Okay, yea we know about Spanx and what have you, but you can't really rule out rolls of fat even when you don the Spanx bizness, those rolls will just roll up to the end of the material and give you a fat pouch---something Miss Hayek has NEVER had.

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