Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce, Adopts Baby As Single Mom

Apr 30th, 2010

So sorry for the late updates, guys! It's been one heck of a week for me! Let's get started. First things first, biggest story of the week? Sandra Bullock gracing the cover of this week's People with her adopted baby! Can you believe she kept it a secret for FOUR years? Well, she's had the baby since January, but has been in the processing of adopting for that long.

Before I talk about how ecstatic I am for her, let's discuss the sad news. Sandra has officially filed for divorce from douche of the century, Jesse James. But now she has a great little man in her life, 3 1/2 month old baby boy, Louis Bardo Bullock.

"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE, announcing that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3-month-old boy, born in New Orleans. "It's like he's always been a part of our lives."

Bullock, 45, and husband Jesse James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago and brought Louis home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars. Their close friends and family - including James's children Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15 - were essential in keeping the adoption a secret.

Then, just 10 days after the March 7 Oscars, Bullock and James separated following reports James had cheated. Bullock says she is now finalizing the adoption as a single parent.

As long as Sandy is smiling, that's all that matters. Jesse also had some words to say in the issue (which I recommend you pick up because it's also the 'Most Beautiful People' issue and poor Julia Roberts got knocked off the cover for it) of the mag. What do you guys think? Isn't it just bonkers that she was able to keep this secret for so long?

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