Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Welcome Twin Girls (With Horrible Names)

Jun 24th, 2009

Although the babies didn't pop out of their surrogate mother with matching Manolo's and Fendi purses, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick now have twin baby girls on their hands. We kind of figured at this point Broderick couldn't get it up since it's not far fetched that he may be playing the other field, but congratulations anyway.

The babies were delivered on Monday and in a statement from the couples' rep, they say:

"The babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon." (source)

Why does that expression exist? Why would anyone be happy over the moon? We greatly disagree and in fact believe we'd find ourselves screaming in pure fear that we're in space jumping over the moon.

Anyway the twins will be joining SJP and Broderick's six-year-old son, Wilkie. And we have no idea why the hell they would name their kid Wilkie, but it doesn't surprise us that they believe their kids had some Benjamin Button's shizz going on since they also gave the girls 65-year-old names.

According to the rep, "Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick weighed 5 lbs., 11 oz., and Tabitha Hodge Broderick weighed 6 pounds. Both Hodge and Elwell are family names on Parker's side." (source)

Hodge?! Elwell?! If anyone was waiting for a Golden Girls remake in the future, it's pretty much signed, sealed, delivered with these two kids.

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