Sarah Palin Said Her Boobies Are Real

Jun 14th, 2010

Last week, photos surfaced of a very casual Sarah Palin. These casual photos showcased two very big assets. This set off the media world in a frenzy that Palin had herself a little boob job. If you ask me, they do look quite bigger than usual. But Palin finally addressed the boob rumors and shot 'em on down.

Palin confirmed to Fox News:

"No, I have not had implants. A report like that is about as real and truthful as reports that [my husband] Todd and I are divorcing or that I bought a place in the Hamptons or that [my son] Trigg is not my own child," the former governor of Alaska, 46, told the host after being questioned point-blank.

"To be judged on or to be talked about on appearance -- say chest size -- it makes me wear layers, it makes me have to waste time figuring out what am I going to wear so that nobody will look at an area that I don't need them to look at," Palin said. "I want them to hear what it is that I'm saying. It just ends up wasting time and that's very, very unfortunate."

Oh, boo hoo.

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