Sean Penn Wants To Settle Down With Scarlett Johansson

May 06th, 2011

This whole Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn dating this is pretty ridiculous, but apparently these two really like each other. But if you think ScarJo, 26, is going to settle down anytime soon with Penn, 50, you have another thing coming. And so does he.

"Scarlett says every day with Sean is an education equivalent to a college course - he's so worldly and knowledgeable," reports a friend. "She knows she married Ryan way too fast, but insists she's a quick learner. Even though marriage seems to be on Sean’s mind and he’s pushing things a little fast, Scarlett's doing her best to hold him off at the pass."

Call me crazy, but how the hell do you let someone like Ryan Reynolds go? Good looks, great bod, killer personality and rich. Where can I sign up?

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