Sexy Sarah Palin Resigns As Alaska's Governor

Jul 08th, 2009

Oh, Sarah Palin you'll always have a career in soft core porn if all else fails! And looks like it is. Seems the Governor spot was too much for Palin to handle. She won't be finishing out her first term as Alaska's Governor. And somewhere up there the big guy has answered our prayers.

Sarah Palin announced Friday she plans to resign as governor of Alaska in a few weeks, saying she will try to "affect positive change" from outside government.

Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008, made the surprise announcement at a press conference at her home in suburban Wasilla.

She said the decision has been "in the works" for a while and comes after "prayer and consideration" and discussions with her family. (source)

The new dummy to handle Alaska's biznazz is Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell who will be sworn in on July 26. Sarah Palin continued:

"We know we can affect positive change outside government at this point in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities," she said, adding that she was tired of what she described as "superficial, wasteful, political bloodsport." (source)

Wow it's ironic that the words superficial, wasteful, political bloodsport are always what we associated with her. Funny the way it is...

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