Shauna Sand Hits the Beach in Multiple Bikinis, Still Botched

Jan 28th, 2009

We had to do a quick Wikipedia search for Shauna Sand before realizing why she was famous. Apparently, back in 1996 she sent some pictures into Playboy, Hef liked them and coined her Playmate of the Month for May. Ok, great. Now the questions is, why are we still seeing pictures of this hideous, botched-plastic surgery patient? We'll go ahead and admit she's got a great fake body, thanks to some more plastic surgery, but her face looks like someone licked the top of a pink frosted muffin and then fed it to their rottweiler, who then vomited on the side of the road, only to be stepped in by Andy Dick's shoe after dropping off a transvestite hooker he paid $18 for his/her services. Gross.

Here are some pictures of Shauna before she screwed her image up, not bad, not bad at all...

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