Smell Like Cocaine and Hollywood Trash, Ewwww! de Toilet

Apr 02nd, 2009

When Lindsay Lohan says she's "...sorta experimenting with [something]... we thought she was talking about Samantha Ronson. Who would have thought she was creating her own fragrance. Lohan claims, "An oil that I made up myself." Great, I've always wanted to smell like a dirty rotten whore, mixed with a a little cocaine, lesbian, fire-crotchetiness and trash. The perfume is expected to hit in 2010, five years after her career ultimately died. Lindsay Lohan's fragrance is set to be called Lindsay Lohan: Ewwww! de Toilet or Linday Lohan: Obsession (with Cocaine) - they are still toying around with names...

Actress and Singer Lindsay Lohan is following the steps of her female colleagues and is now next in line for launching her own fragrance. The creating of the perfume is still in it’s early stages. Lindsay Lohan gave an interview to the Sunday Times in which she revealed there’s a scene she has been "sorta" experimenting with. She says, "An oil that I made up myself."

If she can create a great smell, Lohan will have a great chance to change her image and become another Hollywood business woman.

The fragrance is due to launch 2010. No details yet on fragrances notes or name. (source)

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