Snooki Will Punch Heidi Montag

Jul 26th, 2010

Yikes! If MTV needs a new reality, perhaps they should consider casting Snooki and Heidi Montag together. If Snooki had it her way, she'd punch the crap out of the plastic enhanced former Hills star.

"I will punch her in the face because I don't like her," Snooki said when asked if Heidi should join her show. "She had too many surgeries. She looks like an alien and guidettes don't look like aliens, just saying."

Snooki was then asked if Heidi had said anything in the past to prompt such a reaction. She explained, "I don't know [if she said anything about me]. I don't research Heidi because she's nothing to me."

We'd probably pay to see this fight...on clearance.

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