So This Is How Lindsay Lohan Pays For Rehab

Oct 09th, 2010

Yeah, we're not surprised Lindsay Lohan is waiting for a 'money' shot from the paparazzi to pay her rehab bill. It's all cyclical, ain't it? According to sources, Lindsay has to pay her nearly $30,000 tab for her stay and in order to do so, she needs to find a great photo op...and fast.

Along with paying the nearly $30,000 tab for her stay [at the Betty Ford Clinic] (expected to last until her all-important Oct. 22 court date), Lindsay Lohan also has offered to kick in funds to help the clinic pay for the additional security staff they need "to cope with all the paparazzi lurking around -- trying to get one of those 'money' shots to sell to the tabloids," said the informant.


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