Sofia Vergara's Dating A Married Man

Nov 01st, 2010

Sofia Vergara is technically dating a cheater. The Modern Family star sure must be surprised with this news. According to reports, her on-again, off-again trust-fund heir Nick Loeb is still married to his wife and is secretly refusing to end their marriage. While Sofia is aware that he is still married, Loeb apparently promised her that he's going to get a divorce.

"Sofia will be livid when she finds out Nick is refusing to take the final few steps to sever his marital ties," a close source revealed. "All Nick has to do to put the divorce behind them is pay Anna a paltry sum of money that they both agreed upon in mediation and sing the divorce decree, but he refused to follow through. Nick's jealousy and controlling nature have always created problems in his marriage to Anna. Now it's getting in the way of their divorce. The best way for Nick to prove his love to Sofia would be to cut ties with his wife once and for all."

And with how hot Sofia is, we just don't understand why she won't find somebody even hotter in Hollyweird. Come on now...

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