Speidi Plus One Film for The Hills, Life Goes On

Aug 20th, 2009

We’re not experts in eating disorders or anything, but if Stephanie Pratt is telling mags she is a bulimic and jam-packed with self-esteem issues, the last people/annoying entity she should be hanging out with is Speidi. One is rail thin and flaunting (or should we say covering?) her goods for Playboy and the other is a downright douche bag who would pimp out his own mother for publicity. Is that Mama Pratt twirling her purse on the street corner?

Either way, here are some candids of the trio filming for "The Hills," which we are all ::yawn:: anxiously awaiting. "The Hills" without Lauren is like Playboy without Hugh Hefner: no sophistication, just ho’s running wild. Good thing Spencer's there to keep his bitches in check.

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