Stepford Wife Cruise To The Rescue!

Dec 01st, 2009

A toddler in stilettos? No biggie...that is if your last name is Cruise. The alien that invaded Katie Holmes's body when she married Tom Cruise comes to her mini-me's defense over the high-heel controversy.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Holmes attempts to justify parading Suri (who is 3, BTW) around town in high-heels. Holmes, who has clearly been brain washed explains that Suri,

like every little girl (source)

just loves to wear her mommy's heels.

Hmmm... it is cute when little ones prance around the bathroom in their mommies "big girl" shoes. And pay close attention to this next part Katie: it's cute because they are playing DRESS UP. Not walking down Rodeo Drive with a matching purse.

Holmes also goes on to say that the heels are

ballroom dancing shoes for kids (source)

...which is just plain weird. And if that IS true, why is a tiny tot like Suri in ballroom dancing classes?

Don't we all just wish Holmes would go back to the angelic ways of the Creek??????

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