Stephanie Pratt Meets Rehab

Nov 10th, 2009

Could Stephanie Pratt be following every other D-List reality star's footsteps into rehab? Word on the street that after receiving her first of probably many DUI's, The Hills semi-star scared the crap out of her so much that she's considering the 'hab.

A friend apparently spoke with In Touch Weekly about the probability of her 'pal' entering into rehab. What a friend :)

Stephanie Pratt’s recent arrest for suspicion of DUI may have finally scared the troubled Hills star straight. Just hours after Stephanie was released on bail on October 18, she confided to a pal that she was going to rehab. “Stephanie is going to enroll in an outpatient program in LA to deal with her use of alcohol,” her pal explains. “Getting a DUI was the wake-up call that she needed to get professional help for her drinking problem. Like a lot of people, she needed something to shake her up. She realizes it could have been a lot worse.” Stephanie, 23, was at Holly Montag’s birthday party with Hills co-star Stacie Hall just before her DUI arrest. (source)

It'd honestly be a smart publicity move. What else does this girl have going on aside from shopping on Rodeo and injecting her face with botox?

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