Steven Soderbergh Compares Hiring Sasha Grey to Brad Pitt

May 22nd, 2009

Directer Steven Soderbergh compares his decision to cast adult film star Sasha Grey to casting Brad Pitt due to her fan base and publicity. Hiring Sasha as a lead role in an Indie movie was a pretty wise on Steven's part because she is pretty huge in the 'adult' industry right now.

Soderbergh gave Grey the lead role in the film (which opens Friday) fully intending to milk her X-rated fame for all it is worth. “I was very much counting on the fact that the interest in her would be greater than the interest in the movie,” Soderbergh said. “We would be drafting off her notoriety rather than vice versa. I needed her. That’s no different than getting Brad Pitt to be in your movie, albeit in a different context.” (source)

Moreover, Grey is establishing herself as a burgeoning multimedia mogul. She calls herself a “performance artist,” is filming a documentary, writing a graphic novel and a “sex philosophy” book and recently launched her own production company with the twin goals of changing the look of pornography and empowering women.

“Part of the reason I got into this business was to change it,” Grey said. “I can take my fantasies and ideas and deliver those to an audience. It’s all an extension of who I am.” (source)

Sasha Grey may be a pornstar but she is no stupid bimbo, I watched an interview with her from Rolling Stones and not only is she well spoken and intelligent, she knows what she's doing. One day this girl will have an empire and I won;t be surprise if she retires comfortably by 30. Keep in mind, the girl just turned 21 a month ago.

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