Suri Cruise's Wardrobe Is $3.2 Million, Ours Is Probably $200

Oct 01st, 2009

Just after we made you want to cry with The Hills salary, get ready for some more waterworks. Can you believe a 3-year-old's wardrobe costs more than $2 million?! Figures when your name's Suri Cruise aka the pet project of an alien father, you'll only have the best!

Tom Cruise's three-year-old daughter Suri has a wardrobe of designer clothes worth 2MILLION ($3.2 million).

Actor Tom, 47, and wife Katie Holmes, 30, have commissioned the world's top fashion names to custom-make outfits for their toddler.

An insider said: "They really splurge on Suri." The pair's pal Victoria Beckham is also said to have commissioned designer Robert Cavalli to make a dress for Suri.

The source added: "Suri is very vocal when it comes to outfits. She's rarely seen in anything twice." (source)

Yeah because kids her age really know the difference between Valentino and Kohls. When I was a kid you could dress me in toilet paper and I'd think I was a freakin' potty superhero. Give this kid a cookie and tell her to shove it. Yes, I just said that about a kid. But her clothes alone could save a third world country. Niceeee parenting!

P.S. Anyone else think she bares a striking resemblance to the Chucky Doll????

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