Susan Boyle Pulls Out of 'Britain's Got Talent' Show Tour to Rest (Her Eyebrows...)

Jun 15th, 2009

Bushy brows and killer (literally) looks with an insanely good voice is what made Susan Boyle likable from the get go on this year's Britain's Got Talent. Unfortunately, Boyle wasn't so ready for all of the publicity her try out performance garnered from the show. After being hospitalized in The Priory Clinic for several days after winding up in second place, Boyle hit the stage for the show's tour, but not for long.

Just after two days, Boyle pulled out of the show after doctor's ordered her to rest.

'She has been advised to rest today. She has done three amazing performances but she is being advised to rest,' a spokesman said.

The spokesman added: 'She is really disappointed because she wants to be out there performing but she has been advised to have this rest. (source)

We thinksss Miss Boyle might not be so likable after all. Her withdrawal apparently came after the hairy lady found out she could charge up to about 8K a minute to perform live when has fulfilled her duties to perform with the tour. Gotta rest up for that dough! (and hopefully hire a stylist, eye brow specialist, hair stylist...)

A source close to the Scottish spinster told the News of the World: 'She's the biggest star to have come out of Britain's Got Talent, so her price to sing reflects that.

'These fees mean it will take 10 dates for her to make a million pounds, which is unprecedented for a reality show winner.' (source)

Check out Susan's first try out that made her famous below:

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