Tara Reid Lets It Hang Out...We're Not Impressed

Jul 28th, 2009

She just had to do this to us, didn't she? You know although she backtracked the other day, she was wearing clothes. But now she went ahead and did it...blinded us with her wonk body. And since we were caught off guard, so will all of you.

We assume she's able to party on a yacht like that for great sexual favor skills. Even more surprised we didn't see anyone tossing her out. There's no way in hell that girl is able to pay for all of that. We just feel bad for that arse. No arse at age 33 should look like grandma's oatmeal behind.

Yes, there are literally 72 pictures. We got to about the fifth one and could not edit any longer. Don't blame us, blame her rear-end.

July 28th, 2009 by Tags: Tara Reid, bikini, beach, gross, skank
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