Taylor Swift Looking Good In Short Shorts, Shoots Video With 'Twilight' Hottie Taylor Lautner

Aug 03rd, 2009

Well if you were ever wondering what happens when a female and male both named Taylor get together to make a video...here's your answer. You get jail bait in short shorts and other jail bait in a muscle shirt. Anyways, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner seemed to be enjoying one another.

We don't mind hot bods, but we're inclined to hold back our joy when the hot bods belong to two 17-year-olds (if they're even that old.) We're crossing our fingers and hoping for 18. Sure, it might be a little taboo, but it's legal.

Speaking of hot bods, we just got an exclusive look at PopularGirlsGames.com newest Taylor Lautner Dress Up game. Now we can stare and Dress Up Jacob Black from Twilight and his sexy body all day long, sweet!

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