'The Hills' To Extend Past This Season? Ughhhhhhhhh

Apr 30th, 2010

In what could be the most obnoxious news of the week (aside from Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson both acting like idiots), this might not be the last 12 episodes for The Hills. People, like myself, rejoiced once news of the show's end hit---and now it looks like we may have been happy for nothing.

I'm going to assume it's because of everyone's fascination with Franken-Heidi (ah hem, Heidi Montag.) I even caught myself watching this week's premiere and cringed when she attempted to cry. Let's just say, she can't. Her face won't allow her to.

"There's a possibility of them ordering 12 more episodes," Cavallari told us earlier today.

In other words, we may have another 24 episodes coming our way!

"I would like to do it," Cavallari said. "I'm in such a rhythm with things and I'm having a great time. We're just now starting to get into some really good juicy stuff with a few new people. So I think we could do another 12 episodes and make it pretty good."

Of course you would like to do it. A hot bod and a talent-less persona can only get you so far. These girls need The Hills to elongate their 15 minutes. Geez, when will time run out?!

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