The Hottest Catfight: Supermodel's Fighting Over The <em>Sports Illustrated</em> Cover

Feb 16th, 2011

The gloves (and hopefully bikinis) are off for any girl involved with possibly snagging this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. Last year, we had the pleasure of a scantily clad Brooklyn Decker on the cover and this year the girls are just as catty when it comes to vying for their face to be on the cover.

"The girls can get catty over it because everybody wants it. The cover makes you a household name. Any model who wants to make herself a brand knows this is what you need to do," said one fashion insider.

S.I. keeps the cover under lock and key until Monday's announcement. But insiders said editors consider market research on which lady gets the best response from a sample of readers.

"Brooklyn [Decker] was perfect because she's all-American, gives great interviews and is married to a celebrity sportsman," said one source. "The magazine wants girls who are media-savvy and can speak well."

We doubt dudes care if Brooklyn can speak at all.

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