'The Jersey Shore' Kids Like Their Valtrex Like They Like Their M&Ms

Jun 09th, 2010

The only situation The Situation has to worry about is catching the herps! Because according to Jersey Shore creator, SallyAnn Salsano, she hands out Valtrex medication like M&Ms. Guess the kids are dirtier than the oil spill and then some.

Reality shows such as "Celebrity Rehab" and "Jersey Shore" are so worried about sexually transmitted diseases, they pass out medication "like M&Ms" to cast members, say the shows' producers.

In a round-table discussion of reality show execs published yesterday in The Hollywood Reporter, SallyAnn Salsano, creator of "Jersey Shore," says STDs are a constant concern.

"I do a full medical [for cast members] but I also do a lot of STD stuff," she says.

"We hand [herpes medication] out like M&Ms!" Salsano said. " 'Hey kids, it's time for Valtrex!' It's like a herpes nest. They're all in there mixing it up."

Why am I not surprised?

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