The Kardashian Sisters Have Made Over $100 Million The Past Few Months

Oct 01st, 2009

Since these money stories are hot today, we might as well continue to make ourselves miserable! So what have The Kardashian Sisters received the past few months just by fame whoring alone? Over a $1 Million!!! From magazine covers to TV to media deals to basically showing your big a$$ all over the place, Gosh pregnancy and marriage must have helped that!

Says The NY Post:

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's antics -- and their curvaceous figures -- have landed them big-money magazine covers, TV and media deals, as well as sponsorship from diet aid SlimQuick.

Even their little half-sister, Kendall Jenner, 13, is getting into the act -- she landed a contract with Wilhelmina Models in July and is now negotiating an advertising deal.

A source said: "The Kardashian sisters are big business. Their mother, Kris, is a smart businesswoman and manages their deals. She knows how to make the most of these big announcements.

"She's negotiating a magazine deal for Khloe's wedding, around $250,000, another deal for Kourtney's baby, and there will probably be yet another deal when Kim eventually gets back together with Reggie," our insider said. "Then there's the product deals -- they've already got the fashion line, now they're branching out into perfume and beauty products." (source)

The last thing we want to smell like is a Kardashian. You'll either end up naked having taped sex, pregnant, or hitched.

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