The Kardashians My Butt!

Jul 09th, 2010

In Khloe Kardashian's DREAMS! If there was an award for PHOTOSHOP of the year, this takes the cake. The Kardashian sisters gathered to shoot ADs for their Beach Bunny swimwear line. One little problem, Khloe is nowhere near as tiny as her sister's.

It looks like Khloe Kardashian and Katie Holmes share the same stylist. In a new ad for the Kardashian sisters' Beach Bunny swimwear line, the tallest member of the reality TV family appears to have been height adjusted so as not to dwarf her much shorter siblings, Kim and Kourtney.

The swimsuit-clad Khloe, who is 5 foot 10, appears only a hair taller than her oldest sister, Kourtney, despite the fact that the latter is only 5 foot 2. On the far right of the promo, a bikini-clad Kim stands almost as tall as Khloe, though she is only slightly taller than Kourtney at 5 foot 3.

Must suck being the odd one out.

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