The Kardashian's Set To Write Book About Relationships

Apr 21st, 2010

Because we really need to know more about the Kardashian girls. We already get enough of that once a week on TV (plus numerous repeats) and every night when they're all photographed. Kim Kardashian revealed that she and her sisters will be "writing" a book. Yes, "writing." And here I thought they couldn't get past the title of a novel.

"My sisters and I are writing a book," confirmed the reality television starlet, in a new interview. "It's going to [have] lots of fun tips and stories and everything about relationships; it's a little bit more of an in-depth look into our lives, even though people think that they've probably seen everything. We're just being super-candid and sharing lots of pictures and fun stuff."

Hey, Reggie Bush. Here's Kim's revenge!!! I swear if this is turned into a film...I'm considering moving to Guam.

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