The Ladies Of The 2009 American Music Awards (But Really We Loved Watching J-Lo Take A Tumble)

Nov 25th, 2009

Did anyone watch the hot mess of Jennifer Lopez on Sunday night's American Music Awards? If not, lucky for you we have this crap for you to view below. But why not take a moment out or two to scope out the lady hotness last Sunday. From Rihanna to Carrie Underwood, hell to even Fergie, the girls were all hot (even though some of 'em sucked live).

While Ri is a hottie, can home girl ever give us a lively and energetic performance? B!tch is as exciting as day old herpes. Carrie triggered her semi inner slut (which we LOVED), Fergie somehow looked like a woman, J-Lo created an earthquake in Los Angeles, and Lady Gaga was batshizz crazy as usual. Needless to say, we enjoyed it. But what did we enjoy the most? Check out the hottest mess of all below:

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