The Many Looks of Lady Gaga, Cover Your Eyes

Sep 15th, 2009

The ultimate definition of a butterface: Lady GaGa. We must applaud her PR team. In order to take away from her rather less than pleasant mug, they dress her up in ridiculous costumes to make our eyes wander the beautiful presence of her tight bod. Which is exactly what they got on point for the MTV VMAs.

From the red see-through acceptance number to the furry head wear to the black get-up, Lady GaGa came to steal the show and oh boy did she. Not only could people not look away from the biggest hot mess of the evening, but as soon as she took off her mask while accepting her "Best New Artist" award, the sounds of moans and crew men hanging themselves could be heard.

We kid, but we had to dedicate a post to Gaga's most outrageous wear of the evening. Hey, she did something to win Kermit the Frog as her date.

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