The Show Must Go On, Britney's Kids Attached

Feb 06th, 2009

Leave it to Britney Spears to threaten to cancel her tour unless she could bring her kids on board. Awesome, so you have an inadequate mother, schlepping her two mommy-and-daddy-deprived children across the country and forcing them to go on tour with you, just so you can prove a point to your ex, whom you despise. Nice work Britney, the show must go on!

The pop star has finally gotten her way after rumors circulated that she threatened to cancel her upcoming tour if she was not allowed to bring her sons.

"Both Sean Preston and Jayden James will, in fact, be joining Britney throughout the duration of her tour," her official website states.

Spears was planning to cancel her upcoming Circus tour if her ex-husband Kevin Federline's lawyers continued to block an agreement that would allow her to take her sons on the road.

For weeks, Spears, Federline and Spears' father Jamie had been privately planning to let the two boys travel with Spears on the tour. According to, the pop star would have homes in three places -- New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles -- so that the children could stay nearby while Spears commuted back and forth from regional concert venues.

Additionally, the agreement allowed Kevin to receive at least $4,000 each week that Spears is on tour and that he would receive his own home in each of the three predetermined cities as well, reported TMZ Monday.

Because the agreement was made without Federline's lawyers, they objected to the plan, TMZ reported, but now it seems the family has worked out an arrangement. (source)

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