Tiger's Number One Ho Rachel Uchitel Finds Work

Feb 17th, 2010

Only in our world would a whore be rewarded. Such is the case for Rachel Uchitel (if the name's not familiar, see "Tiger Wood's First Ho" and that should clear things up) who somehow "impressed" Extra so much that they want her on as a correspondent (really to get on her knees every time an exec wants some lovin'.)

Uchitel, who was interviewed last night by the show's Mario Lopez, "so impressed producers that she's been offered a job as a special correspondent," a rep told us. We're told she'll report for "Extra" on nightlife "hot spots." A show source added, "She won't talk about Tiger, but she talks about how she wants to find a husband and have kids. She only has a few real friends left whom she trusts. She is alone a lot and spends time with her two dogs. She seems very vulnerable." (source)

Please, Mario was just impressed with her plastic enhanced rack and the fact she's a media whore of the moment. What is she going to give her expertise on? What positions work best for each holiday? Homewrecking 101 for beginning sluts?

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