Tila Tequila Accuses Boyfriend, NFL Star Shawne Merriman, Of Abusing Her

Sep 08th, 2009

Tila Tequila sure had herself a whopping Labor Day weekend---and by whopping, we mean she's accusing her NFL star boyfriend, Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers, for going all Chris Brown on her. But it could have just been the booze on Tila's end talking.

San Diego Sheriff's deputies responded to call early Sunday morning at 3:45 am from Tila Tequila who claimed she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his house. He is now accused of battery and false imprisonment.

However HollywoodChaos is here to report the updates as well via TMZ:

Tila was transported to a local hospital while Merriman was taken into custody. His bail was set at $58,000.

Tila TequilaUPDATE -- Tila Tequila has been released from the hospital.

UPDATE -- A lawyer for Merriman denied all charges and says Tila was "extremely inebriated" and that Merriman tried to stop her from leaving the home because he didn't feel it was safe for her to do so.

UPDATE -- A.J. Smith, the general manager of the San Diego Chargers, released this statement: "It's disappointing to hear about the issue involving Shawne Merriman. We'll continue to monitor the situation and let the legal process run its course." (source)

No bro gets between a drunk and her booze!!! She was probably freaking out that she hadn't updated her MySpace in over two hours.

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speedmonkey on 09/08/2009 @ 16:31

what a bitch. hopefully now this will ruin her and we don't have to see her around anymore...

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