Tila Tequila Calls Jessica Simpson 'Waste Of Space' For Dating Her Ex, Billy Corgan

Dec 21st, 2009

Anybody taste that? It's the bitter taste of an ex girlfriend coming back to haunt you and your current main squeeze. In this case it's trash for talent Tila Tequila. As you may all be aware, Jessica Simpson is currently dating Smashing Pumpkins front man, Billy Corgan, who happens to be Tila's ex boyfriend. Jessica, did you get your shots before intercourse?

Tila, who wastes no time snatching herself on to their new romance, took some time out to talk with In Touch Weekly about the matter. Her words were less than flattering:

"I think Jessica Simpson is a waste of space," Tila tells In Touch. "She can’t even put two and two together. She doesn’t show any female empowerment. She gets screwed over by her ex-boyfriends because she’s all clingy. She should stop being so weak and stand up for herself. If Billy is happy with Jessica, then I’m happy for him — but I think he can do a lot better." (source)

And the only thing Tila can put together is her vagina with another vagina or penis. Accomplishment. Don't say words you can't spell. Looks like Billy dumped this piece of trash. And it looks like he takes the easy way out---dates extremely intelligent, talented girls.

I will say this for Tila...I find her touching herself videos more talented than Jessica's singing...any day.

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