'Tis The Season To Kiss & Make Up

Nov 11th, 2009

Life is too short to hold a grudge, especially when it's against someone 1/2 responsible for giving you the magical gift of life. And your looks, of course. This holiday season take a tip from Angie and bury the hatchet with someone close to you. Or if that's not your style, just live vicariously through Angie and her Pops.

Us Weekly is exclusively reporting that after 7 years of silence, Jon Voight (70) and Angelina Jolie are finally reuniting. The Daddy-Daughter duo stopped speaking in 2001 when Voight publicly announced that Jolie should

seek help for her 'serious mental problems' (source)


Umm...I would stop talking to him too. Who can blame her?

Along with this heart-warming tale of reconciliation, the cover of this weeks Us Weekly features the headline:

Angelina's Cruel Lies (source)


Does these two stories seem conflicting to anyone else but me?

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