Tish Cyrus Really Loved Being A Cheater

Nov 16th, 2010

First it was the Bret Michaels rumors and now shizz is about to hit the fan for Tish Cyrus. While those two denied any rumors of cheating, a friend of Tish ran to the media to spill some secrets and called her a "very neglected wife." Something tells us Billy Ray Cyrus was always more concerned with grooming his mullet.

"Billy Ray has barely paid her any attention -- except when there were cameras around," added the Tish pal. "She really has felt abandoned by him on many occasions."

That sense of loneliness, according to the source, led Tish Cyrus to seek male companionship -- which reportedly even included one of the paparazzi who regularly follow Miley around, plus a family bodyguard and other Cyrus staff members.

"Billy Ray Cyrus is very cold. He's obsessed with business, making money and Miley's career, but not his marriage," Tish's friend said.

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